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Do you want more excitement, joy and happiness in your relationships? Have you experienced heartbreak or a divorce? Are you ready to find love with the right person? For the past 30 years, Dr. Terri Orbuch (aka The Love Doctor®) has been combining her experience as a therapist, with practical science-based advice to help thousands of people, just like you, find and create the loving relationships they deserve.

In this radio program, she's here to share her relationship advice, inspirational stories, and thought-provoking guests with you. Seize the moment to make your relationships be the best they can be.

How to Heal From a Broken Heart with Allana Pratt
The Love Doctor is in on January 28, 2022

Getting over a broken heart is never easy. In fact, anyone who has gone through a breakup knows that a broken heart can be difficult to mend. Most of us have been there at some point, left wondering how to heal and move forward. Dr. Terri talks to Allana Pratt, author, intimacy expert and relationship coach. Her new book is called "HeartBreak to HeartMates: Discover Lockdown Love." Allana shares valuable suggestions and strategies for how to heal a broken heart and find love again.

Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe on Social Media with Florence Ann Romano
The Love Doctor is in on January 21, 2022

As a parent, you may be wondering if you're doing enough to keep your children safe online. Social media has become a big part of your culture and your children’s lives, but do kids have the ability to navigate the social media world safely on their own? Dr. Terri talks to Florence Ann Romano, a childcare and village advocate, author, and philanthropist. She shares valuable suggestions and provides guidance on how to help your kids use social media in a safe and healthy way.

How Couples Can Achieve Financial Clarity and Stability with Amy Scott
The Love Doctor is in on January 7, 2022

While money is always welcome in our bank accounts, it is not always a welcome subject to talk about in a relationship. Research finds that money is the #1 source of conflict in relationships. In fact, 7 out of 10 couples say that money causes tension in their relationship. Dr. Terri talks to Amy Scott, a certified financial coach who teaches couples how to get on the same page about money, and why it's important. Amy discusses how talking about money as a couple matters and why finances are a huge cause of stress in relationships.

Understanding Criticism in Your Relationship with Dr. Jessica Higgins
The Love Doctor is in on October 22, 2021

Most people don't intend to be critical, hurtful, or mean. Rather they are trying to communicate their needs, but don't know they're being critical. Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Jessica Higgins, a Licensed Psychologist and Relationship Coach, and the host of the Empowered Relationship podcast. Dr. Higgins discusses what is happening when criticism is at play in a relationship, multiple strategies to turn your communication around, and specific language to implement right now so that you can create more understanding and connection with your partner.

Inspiring Deeper Human Connection Through Life-Changing Stories with David Richman
The Love Doctor is in on October 1, 2021

Do you want to be better equipped to deal with trauma, be there for the people around you, and feel more supported in starting hard conversations? Dr.Terri talks to David Richman, public speaker, philanthropist, endurance athlete and author of the new book, "Cycle of Lives." David shares 15 people's interconnected life-changing journeys with cancer and the various traumas in their lives that affected their experiences. He explores issues far exceeding everyday survival. These stories are interwoven amongst the narrative of David's solo 5,000-mile bike ride to go meet the book participants. This program and David's book will help you grow in empathy, be there for people around you, and inspire you to tackle your own lofty dreams.

The 7 Relationship Stages to Lasting Love with Kristin Sokol
The Love Doctor is in on September 24, 2021

Do you know the 7 well-defined stages of a developing romantic relationship? Getting clarity about what stage you're in and what you're supposed to do in each stage can fast track your relationship. Dr.Terri talks to Kristin Sokol, a certified science-based dating and relationship coach with over 15 years experience. She shares insights that will guide you toward your happily ever after.

The Power of Essential Oils for Health and Healing with Kac Young
The Love Doctor is in on September 17, 2021

There are so many exciting ways essential oils can enhance your life and relationships. And used correctly they can be your best friends. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Kac Young (PhD), author of 27 books, including her newest book called, "Essential Oils for Beginners: A Guide to What They Are & How to Use Them." Dr. Young discusses how these essential oils can be used for personal empowerment and well-being. They can help you overcome feelings of sadness, grief, depression, fear, and exhaustion, and can exchange the negative feelings you experience for joy and happiness in a matter of minutes.

The Ultimate Guide to College Student Health with Dr. Jill Grimes
The Love Doctor is in on September 3, 2021

What if you can't sleep well (or can't sleep at all) in your dorm room? Does anything help crippling text anxiety? Is it a bad stomachache or is your appendix about to rupture? What if you hit your head and think you have a concussion? Dr. Terri talks to Jill Grimes (MD, FAAFP), nationally recognized medical media expert, family physician, and award-winning author of the book, "The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook: Your Guide to Everything from Hangovers to Homesickness." Dr. Grimes discusses accurate, trustworthy, evidence-based medical information for college students who are facing their first illness, accident, or anxiety away from home.

First Date Ups and Downs, and Their Take-Aways with Jodi Klein
The Love Doctor is in on July 30, 2021

The magic of first dates is a kind that can’t be replicated. Whether straight out of a fairytale or something of a horror story, they’re almost always unforgettable. Dr. Terri talks to Jodi Klein, podcast host, blogger and author of the book, "First Date Stories: Women’s Romantic and Ridiculous Midlife Adventures." Jodi discusses true hopeful, hilarious, and horrific first date stories, plus takeaway tips and inspirational quotes by women in their late-30's and beyond. Not all first dates are created equal, and sometimes they can be the beginning of something wonderful.

A Groundbreaking Approach Called Medical Reiki with Dr. Raven Keyes
The Love Doctor is in on July 23, 2021

Science-based medicine is finally ready to embrace the use of Medical Reiki. But what is Medical Reiki, how does it work, and can it help you heal? Dr. Terri talks to Raven Keyes (RMT, CRMT) an internationally recognized Reiki Master Teacher who has worked with surgeons and other health professionals for many years. She also is the author of the new book, "Medical Reiki: A Groundbreaking Approach to Using Energy Medicine for Challenging Treatments." Raven discusses how to request and receive Medical Reiki, how physicians can open their practice to it, and how to use exercises, meditations, and affirmations for future healing.

How to Prepare and Help Your Child For College with Dr. Chelsea Petree
The Love Doctor is in on July 16, 2021

The first year of college is full of excitement and uncertainty. And this Fall brings additional challenges and stress. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Chelsea Petree, Director of the Parent & Family Programs at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and the editor of the new book, "College Ready 2021: Expert Advice for Parents to Simplify the College Transition." Each chapter is written by a university official, who works with parents to enhance student success at the collegiate level. The book is an essential guide to prepare parents and families during the transition to college, and covers topics such as, packing, money, staying connected, promoting responsible independence and supporting academic success.

Family Stories Can Build Relationships Across Generations with Mary J. Cronin
The Love Doctor is in on July 9, 2021

Telling stories is one of the most powerful means that people have to influence, teach, and inspire others. Young people today can benefit greatly from knowing the stories of their older family members. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Mary Cronin, business strategist, author, and Boston College School of Management professor. Dr. Cronin will discuss how engaging family members in telling stories can strengthen mary_cronin_131874759.jpgconnections across generations and build resilience in young people.

Never Waste Time on the Wrong Partner Again with Michelle Jacoby
The Love Doctor is in on June 25, 2021

Have you wasted months or even years dating the wrong people? Are you frustrated, exhausted, and starting to lose hope? Has the online dating game led you to believe true love will never come your way? Dr. Terri talks to Michelle Jacoby, matchmaker, dating and relationship coach, and author of the new book, "Never Waste Time on the Wrong Man Again: A 5-Step Strategic Plan to Stop Wasting Time and Finally Find 'The One.'" Michelle discusses why you end up in the wrong relationships, how to cultivate the right mind set, and date strategically by developing a dating plan.

What are Nightmares and How Can They Help You?
The Love Doctor is in on June 18, 2021

Have you ever had recurring nightmares, upsetting dreams or dreams that you just don't understand? In sleep studies, 85% of adults report having at least one nightmare in the past year, and 29% report at least one a month. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Clare R. Johnson (PhD), an international speaker, teacher, and author of the new book, "The Art of Transforming Nightmares." Dr. Johnson discusses how you can set up your own personal program for releasing fear, reducing nightmare frequency, and resolving distressing dreams so that you wake up energized and ready to lead a life of happiness and wonder.

A Surprising Way to Heal in an Era Defined by Trauma with Laura Khoudari
The Love Doctor is in on May 28, 2021

In an era defined by trauma—from #MeToo to COVID to social injustice—how can you heal emotionally? What about trauma-informed strength training, which benefits not only your heart, muscles, bones, and posture but also your feelings of self-confidence and self-efficacy. Dr. Terri talks to Laura Khoudari, personal trainer, trauma practitioner, educator and author of the new book, "Lifting Heavy Things: Healing Trauma One Rep at a Time." Khoudari discusses how any form of exercise, from strength training to cycling or walking, can be a tool for healing.

What Teenagers Want Parents to Know with Kevin Kuczynski
The Love Doctor is in on May 21, 2021

Teenagers live in an environment that can move too fast, even for them. Parents are left wondering what teens need from them in order to be successful in life and how real life conversations with teenagers can occur. Dr. Terri talks to Kevin Kuczynski, high school counselor, life coach and author of the new book, "Real Life Conversations: What Teenagers Want Parents to Know." Kevin pulls back the curtain to reveal teenagers' obstacles and shares introspective questions that encourage open communication from both sides to create healthier relationships.

Burnout Crisis Among Educators with Dr. Greg Hammer
The Love Doctor is in on May 7, 2021

As we continue navigating the pandemic, thousands of teachers face immense challenges and exhaustion as workloads increase while providing schooling for students in conditions that are anything but normal. Combine that with staff shortages, repeatedly switching between in-person and online teaching, and no clear idea of what the future holds and you have a recipe for burnout! Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Greg Hammer (MD), a Professor at Stanford University Medical Center, pediatric intensive care physician, and author of the new book, "GAIN Without Pain: The Happiness Handbook for Health Care Professionals." Dr. Hammer shares strategies to proactively intervene and give educators the tools needed to maintain their health and not fall victim to burnout.

The Real Truth about Your Body Image with Dr. Megan Stubbs
The Love Doctor is in on April 23, 2021

What do you think you look like? Your body image is how you feel about yourself physically and how you think others see the shape, weight and qualities of your body. Some people feel good about their bodies, while others don't. Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Megan Stubbs (EdD), sexologist, relationship expert, body image specialist, and author of the new book, "Playing Without a Partner: A Singles' Guide to Sex, Dating and Happiness." Dr. Stubbs discusses the real truth about your body image, how to create a long-lasting healthy positive body image, and the connection between how you feel about your body and how you feel and act sexually.

Supporting Your Teen's Mental Health with Jenn Curtis and Cynthia Muchnick
The Love Doctor is in on April 9, 2021

Teens today are stressed out, sleep-deprived, and over-committed. One of the biggest stressors for teens and their parents is preserving their relationship while navigating a competitive academic environment. Dr.Terri talks to Cynthia Clumeck Muchnick (MA) and Jenn Curtis (MSW), co-authors of the new book, "The Parent Compass: Navigating Your Teen's Wellness and Academic Journey in Today's Competitive World." The Parent Compass provides guidance on what parents' roles should be in supporting their teens' mental health as they traverse the maze of the adolescent years. Muchnick and Curtis discuss how parents can keep their relationship with their teen intact and address topics such as failure, technology/screen time, the importance of family dinner, study skills and more.

The Power of Crystals for Health and Healing in Your Relationships with Kac Young/h5>
The Love Doctor is in on April 2, 2021

Many people think crystals are just a decorative item, but they have vibrational power that can help with relationships of all types and sizes. They can give you the help and energetic boost you need to heal, find love, attract money, deal with others, and relax. Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Kac Young (PhD), author of 24 books, including her newest book called, "Crystal Power: Twelve Crystals for Health and Healing." Dr. Young discusses everything you need to know about healing crystals and the science behind the power of crystals.

How to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires with Lisa Campion
The Love Doctor is in on March 26, 2021

Do you have trouble protecting yourself from "energy vampires?" If so, you're probably an empath and in need of some guidance. Fortunately, there are practical ways to stay balanced and keep your energy safe and secure. Dr.Terri talks to Lisa Campion, energy healer, psychic trainer and author of the new book, "Energy Healing for Empaths: How to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires, Honor Your Boundaries & Build Healthier Relationships." Lisa Campion discusses how to cultivate the energy management skills you need to cope with energy vampires and narcissists, increase your own vitality, and fully embrace your unique gifts.

Strengthen Your Child’s Flow State, The Optimal Way of Learning with Carmen Gamper
The Love Doctor is in on February 19, 2021

Have you seen children focus so deeply that they lose themselves in a task? This focused, fulfilling state –called flow– naturally occurs in children and adults during play, movement, and hands-on activities they love. Dr.Terri talks to Carmen Gamper, speaker, founder of the New Learning Culture program, and author of the new book, "Flow to Learn: A 52 Week Parent's Guide to Recognize and Support Your Child's Flow State - the Optimal Condition for Learning." Gamper argues that parents, grandparents, educators, caregivers and other adults in a child's life can be nurturers of flow, the optimal state for learning.

Use the Power of Patience to Transform Any Relationship Into a More Loving One with Guy Finley
The Love Doctor is in on February 12, 2021

It's easy to love a partner who is doing everything you want. But loving and growing your love when there are difficulties between you and your partner, that takes patience. Dr. Terri talks to Guy Finley, internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author of the book, "Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together." Finley offers new tools and how to use the power of patience to transform any relationship into a more loving one. Also, Guy will share some tips on how to recognize and learn from Valentine's Day - the holiday of love.

Learn How to Heal, Even Thrive, After Traumatic Experiences with Dr. Alexandra Chauran
The Love Doctor is in on February 5, 2021

Whether you’re facing a global or personal crisis--or a mix of both--this is a time of unprecedented struggle and upheaval. Regardless of the tough issues you may be facing, it’s getting back up and moving forward that counts the most when you need to deal with hardship. Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Alexandra Chauran, author of fourteen books, including her latest called, "Getting Through It: Reclaim & Rebuild Your Life After Adversity, Change, or Trauma." Alexandra presents traditional and alternative methods of healing, how to recover your emotional and physical strength, and ways to find your new normal.

Best Co-Parenting Practices After Divorce with Christian Family
The Love Doctor is in on January 29, 2021

Are you struggling with co-parenting after divorce? Sharing parenting duties with your ex is often the hardest part of a divorce. From joint custody agreements to communication and scheduling, it can be a struggle. Dr.Terri talks to Christian Family (JD), a divorce lawyer for nearly 20 years, adult child of divorce, and co-parenting divorced mother of three. Christian discusses the best co-parenting practices after divorce and the benefits when divorce and co-parenting are done right.

Surviving Life's Ambushes with Jason Redman
The Love Doctor is in on January 15, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone around the globe. Whether you've been affected by the pandemic or some other unforeseen and monumental setback, it's important to find a way to move beyond anger, guilt, emptiness or pain. Dr.Terri talks to Jason Redman, a retired Navy SEAL Lieutenant, severely Wounded Warrior, veteran advocate, and author of the new book, "Overcome: Crush Adversity with the Leadership Techniques of America's Toughest Warriors." Redman offers proven strategies to overcome any life ambush.

How to Raise Kind, Confident Kids with Hunter Clarke-Fields
The Love Doctor is in on January 8, 2021

As a parent, you often react on autopilot to your child's misbehavior. These reactive moments can lead to getting overwhelmed and angry at your kids. If you want your children to learn to be kind and respectful to others (including you), then you must demonstrate kindness and respect. Dr.Terri talks to Hunter Clarke-Fields, a mindfulness mentor, podcast host, creator of the Mindful Parenting online course, and author of the new book, "Raising Good Humans." Clarke-Fields discusses how mindfulness and effective communication can break the cycle of reactive parenting.

Steps to Pull Yourself into the Now and Overcome Fear with Lawrence Doochin
The Love Doctor is in on December 11, 2020

We're living in a time marked by intense uncertainty. It's easy to get trapped in a vortex of bad news and endless concerns. But in that state, we're never okay - and we can never solve our problems. Dr.Terri talks to Lawrence Doochin, abuse survivor, entrepreneur and author of the new book, "A Book on Fear: Feeling Safe in a Challenging World." Doochin maps out a heartfelt method for overcoming fears and bad memories. He also offers the steps to reconnect with our hearts.

How to Host the Perfect Game Night with Erik Arneson
The Love Doctor is in on November 27, 2020

Break out the chips and grab a drink! These days the bulk of our entertainment exists on screens, and game nights are more popular than ever. Whether your game night is just you and your partner, or you want to organize a larger event, the individual and relationship benefits of game nights are significant. Dr.Terri talks to Erik Arneson, lifelong board game enthusiast and author of the new book, "How to Host a Game Night." Erik discusses strategies for the perfect game night, including the benefits of games, who to invite, how to prepare, games that play well virtually, and much more!

How to Talk to Your Partner About Sex with David Essel
The Love Doctor is in on November 20, 2020

Most of us were taught that sex talk is taboo or should be hush-hush. But getting over the awkwardness and having an honest conversation about sex can bring the two of you closer and increase excitement in the bedroom. Dr.Terri talks to David Essel, counselor, master life coach, international speaker, and author of the new book, "50+ Flavors of Erotic Love: Leaving the Vanilla World for Ecstasy." For the past 30 years, David has been helping couples to talk about that which is challenging to talk about in a relationship....Sex!

How to Get Through Your Divorce Intact with Christina Previte
The Love Doctor is in on November 13, 2020

In the United States, the chances that a marriage will end in divorce is about 45 percent. Divorce is a stressful event in a person's life. But it is also a time of growth and new beginnings. Dr.Terri talks to Christina Previte, CEO and Co-Founder of NJ Divorce Solutions and podcast host. Christina discusses the biggest mistakes that people make through the divorce process and how to get through a divorce intact, healthy and well.

How to Effectively Lead Others In Times of Loss with Anthony Casablanca
The Love Doctor is in on October 30, 2020

Our country is dealing with a pandemic, high unemployment, a precarious economy and social turmoil. As a result, countless people are in the grips of grieving--whether for the loss of a loved one, job security, income, workplace camaraderie, or a sense of normalcy. Dr.Terri talks to Anthony Casablanca, senior executive, leadership consultant on grief, and co-author of the book, "The Dying Art of Leadership: How Leaders Can Help Grieving Employees Excel at Work." Anthony discusses how to recognize, care for and lead others who are experiencing loss, with courage and compassion, and help them get through the grieving process.

Sex and Intimacy with Pepper Schwartz
The Love Doctor is in on October 16, 2020

Are you feeling distant or unfulfilled in your sexual relationship and looking for insights into how sex can be better? Or maybe your sexual and intimate life is great, but you think it could be even more soulful and intense? Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Pepper Schwartz, sociologist, sexologist, author, matching expert on the hit television show "Married at First Sight," and a relationship expert for a new app for couples called "Paired." Pepper has spent decades helping couples with their intimate and sexual relationships. She will discuss how to know yourself, your sexuality, and your sexual self in a relationship much better. She also will share more information on Paired, the new app for couples.

Learning to Surf in These Uncertain Times with Debra Orbuch Grayson
The Love Doctor is in on October 9, 2020

These are challenging times. You are facing unprecedented changes, and no one knows what the answers are. So, how do you cope in these uncertain times? Dr.Terri talks to Debra Orbuch Grayson (MS, MFT), a licensed marriage and family therapist, supervisor, trainer and author of "Building Healthy Family Relationships: A Workbook for Parents and Stepparents." Debra discusses how surfing can help you build strength and manage all the changes coming your way. She will share the "ABC's" of learning to surf and no wet-suit is required.

Lessons in Resiliency From an Ex-NFL Player with Sean Conley
The Love Doctor is in on October 2, 2020

The cutthroat world of pro-sports chews through players. Players are plagued with soul-crushing injuries and rejections. Dr.Terri talks to Sean Conley, ex-NFL kicker and author of the new book, "The Point After: How One Resilient Kicker Learned There Was More to Life Than the NFL." Sean discusses how he hit rock bottom but then discovered a path to profound healing and a new life. Now a teacher himself, he shares the lessons he learned as he replaced fear with joy, and toxic drive with compassion.

Strategies to Overcome Burnout From Prolonged Stress with Jennifer Marcenelle
The Love Doctor is in on September 25, 2020

Burnout is a growing mental and emotional health problem. If you’re feeling anxious, fearful, exhausted or just burned out from all of the challenges and changes in 2020 – you’re not alone. Studies show that burnout has reached epidemic proportions. Dr.Terri talks to Jennifer Marcenelle, a Board Certified Holistic Nurse with over 30 years experience in the medical industry and author of the new book, "From Burning Out to Burning Bright: Get Your Life Back By Healing Your Thoughts, Memories, and Emotions." Jennifer shares tools to empower you to create some peace in your life with immediate and long-term relief and solutions.

Simple Practices to Optimize Where and How You Work with Dr. Thalma Lobel
The Love Doctor is in on September 11, 2020

We all want to perform at our best and be successful, creative and happy at work. Yet these days, with the COVID-19 pandemic, work can be stressful. Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Thalma Lobel, an internationally recognized psychologist, expert on human behavior, and author of the new book, "Whatever Works: The Small Cues That Make a Surprising Difference in Our Success at Work--and How to Create a Happier Office" Lobel states that things we typically overlook--from workspace fixtures, such as lighting, to commonplace gestures--can have a big influence on performance and well-being at work.

The Power of Thinking Like a Child with Nir Bashan
The Love Doctor is in on September 4, 2020

The vast majority of bright and ambitious people are working at half their potential because they've only developed the analytical part of their thinking. Sadly, creativity is often pigeonholed as a gift reserved for artistic types. Dr.Terri talks to Nir Bashan, a world-renowned creativity expert, business consultant, and author of the new book, "The Creator Mindset: 92 Tools to Unlock the Secrets to Innovation, Growth, and Sustainability." Bashan says everything about creativity can be learned, with remarkable gains in productivity, confidence and achievement.

Why Amazing Singles Settle For Less Than They Deserve And How to Fix It with Elliot Davis
The Love Doctor is in on August 28, 2020

Are you staying in relationships that don't work or meet your needs? Is it because your partner is “not that bad” and you’ve grown comfortable in your current situation? Dr. Terri talks to Elliott Davis, a values-based relationship coach and professional consultant and trainer. He says that your time and energy are valuable, so you need to date like you mean it. You owe it to yourself to find the right one.

How to Speak Up When You See or Hear Subtle Acts of Exclusion with Dr. Michael Baran
The Love Doctor is in on August 14, 2020

Microaggressions are ways that people unintentionally exclude and alienate others. Even though they may be unintentional, they inflict harm. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Michael Baran, social scientist, researcher and co-author of the new book, "Subtle Acts of Exclusion: How to Understand, Identify, and Stop Microaggressions." Dr. Baran states that while overt racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination are relatively easy to spot, you cannot neglect the subtler everyday actions that normalize exclusion in our society.

How to Release Trauma Through Dance and Movement with Orit Krug
The Love Doctor is in on August 7, 2020

Healing trauma isn't simple. However, unresolved trauma stored in the body can make you push away even the most loving, supportive partners. Dr. Terri talks to Orit Krug, a board-certified dance movement therapist, about how you can release old trauma and rewire your nervous system in order to have a lasting relationship, let love in and enjoy an amazing connection with your partner.

The Secret to Setting and Accomplishing Your Biggest Goals with Gregg Clunis
The Love Doctor is in on July 31, 2020

Are you struggling with achieving your life goals? Do you want to change your life but can't seem to make the big adjustments you need? Dr.Terri talks to Gregg Clunis, entrepreneur, podcast host, and author of the book "Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Everyday Changes to Accomplish More, Crush Your Goals, and Create the Life You Want." Gregg is passionate about helping people get out of their own way so they can create real change and build the life they've always wanted.

How to Create Your Own Winning Story with Christine Hofbeck
The Love Doctor is in on July 24, 2020

Do you want to increase your opportunities for success and consistently achieve your goals? And, at the same time, be happier and more satisfied along the way? Dr.Terri talks to Christine Hofbeck, author, speaker, consulting actuary, runner up of CBS's Survivor Season 35, and author of the new book, "Winning Conditions: How to Achieve the Professional Success You Deserve by Managing the Details That Matter". Christine discusses how you can dream, and win!! She says that by fine-tuning the delivery of your work, you can succeed in your career and personal life.

Recognizing and Recovering From Toxic Relationships with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler
The Love Doctor is in on July 17, 2020

Are you in a toxic relationship? Exhausted by conflict or constant drama and ready for things to change for the better? Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Rhoberta Shaler (PhD), author, speaker, and also known as The Relationship Help Doctor. Dr. Shaler discusses how to identify and recover from the relentlessly difficult people she calls Hijackals®. She offers insights, strategies, and support to reclaim hope, confidence and your sanity.

Common Issues Facing Stepfamilies and How to Address Them with Dr. Duana Welch
The Love Doctor is in on July 10, 2020

All families face challenges. But stepfamilies encounter unique obstacles that can make or break the family. Fortunately, there are strategies you can successfully use to foster a healthy stepfamily. Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Duana Welch, coach and author of the book, "Love Factually for Single Parents [& Those Dating Them]". Dr. Welch discusses the common issues that face stepfamilies and how to address or manage them.

A New Way of Virtual Dating Involving Live, Face-to-Face Video Chats with Tyler Greenberg
The Love Doctor is in on July 3, 2020

Texting and swiping have caused singles to lose touch with reality. But live video is a way to connect face-to-face, so you can see if you have a spark or not with possible romantic partners. Dr.Terri talks to Tyler Greenberg, co-founder of Teleport, the latest virtual dating program that allows singles to connect face-to-face. Tyler believes that dating should be as simple and effortless as online, but as transparent and genuine as in real life. Meet people, not profiles in a series of live video dates with like-minded people.

The Mental Health Dangers of the 24/7 Coronavirus News Cycle with Dr. Paul Napper
The Love Doctor is in on June 26, 2020

Turn on any television, open any newspaper, or tune to any radio station. Rightfully, COVID-19 is dominating every headline, but at what cost to our mental health? Dr.Terri talks to Dr. Paul Napper (Psy.D.), a leading psychology and leadership consultant, and author of the new book, "The Power of Agency: The 7 Principles to Conquer Obstacles, Make Effective Decisions, and Create a Life on Your Own Terms". Dr. Napper shares simple strategies to quickly tame information overload, beat back anxiety, and regain hope.

Seniors are Saving the World Right Now with BJ Kittredge
The Love Doctor is in on June 12, 2020

Seniors are today's most powerful leaders and activists. They're not fragile, and it's time to stop pigeonholing seniors as fragile and instead, welcome their power. Dr. Terri talks to BJ Kittredge, retired consultant to the healthcare industry, and co-author of the new book, "How Seniors Are Saving the World: Retirement Activism to the Rescue." Kittredge says that the grit and strength of seniors is needed more than ever. But so is a new way of viewing this phase of life.

How To Create Chemistry on a Date with May Hui Bugenhagen
The Love Doctor is in on June 5, 2020

Do you want to create chemistry and sparks when you go out on a date? The best way to build chemistry on a date is to develop a connection and be the best version of yourself.

Dr.Terri talks to May Hui Bugenhagen, a certified matchmaker and dating expert for over 10 years. May helps people find amazing partners and transforms lives, one match at a time. She shares her expert strategies on how to be the best version of yourself on dates and how to create the chemistry you so desire.

Dating Advice for Love After 40 with Tammy Shaklee
The Love Doctor is in on May 29, 2020

It's never too late to find love. If you're single and over 40, do not give up! You're exactly the right age to find true love. Dr. Terri talks to Tammy Shaklee, relationship expert and founder of one of the country’s top LGBTQ certified matchmaking companies, H4M Matchmaking. Tammy shares some of her expert advice and best tips for dating after 40. She says the time is right now, to explore inviting a compatible partner to share life’s journey with you.

The Key to Success in Dating & Relationships with Rachel Russo
The Love Doctor is in on May 22, 2020

While there are many ingredients to success in dating and relationships, one that should never be underestimated is self-care. If you are looking to find or keep real love, taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health is something you must focus on and proactively plan. Dr. Terri talks to Rachel Russo (MS, MFT), marriage and family therapist, matchmaker, author and speaker. Rachel discusses how self-care and self-love can help you improve your relationship, survive the ups and downs of the modern-day relationship landscape, and create your own happily-ever-after.

How to Overcome Common Parenting Hurdles During Lockdown with Nancy Kislin
The Love Doctor is in on May 15, 2020

If you’re a parent, chances are that what scares you most about the coronavirus is the impact the epidemic could have on the kids you love. Schools are closed until September and summer camps and activities are cancelled. Dr. Terri talks to Nancy Kislin, who is a nationally recognized child, adolescent and family psychotherapist, professor, author and speaker. She has more than 28 years of experience across therapy and education. Nancy provides tips for dealing with common parenting hurdles and discussions during the coronavirus lockdown.

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How to Connect Authentically at Home with Your Children in Quarantine with Carolyn Hidalgo
The Love Doctor is in on May 8, 2020

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Being at home with your children under one roof can be challenging, and amidst a pandemic with the added financial, mental and emotional strain, it can be really stressful. But you can use this time to connect more authentically at home with your children in quarantine. Dr. Terri talks to Carolyn Hidalgo, a certified life coach and blogger, who specializes in relationship issues with a focus on the soul. Carolyn shares ways to slow down and create the space for amazing conversations, happier times, and a more authentic connection with your children.

Finding Love in the Time of COVID-19 with Claire AH
The Love Doctor is in on May 1, 2020

Spring is finally here and for singles, it is the time to find love with that someone special. Given that you may be social distancing for a while, how do you keep things interesting, fun and maintain healthy dating practices? Dr. Terri talks to Claire AH, a Toronto-based matchmaker, coach, and owner of Friend of a Friend Matchmaking, with over ten years of experience working in the field of dating, relationships, and sexuality. Claire says everyone deserves love. She shares exciting ways of meeting people and finding love in the time of COVID-19.

The Power to Understand Your Dreams with Linda Yael Schiller
The Love Doctor is in on April 24, 2020

Dreams are the most profound and puzzling activities of the soul, and each dream gives up its secrets in different ways. Dr. Terri talks Linda Yael Schiller, psychotherapist, consultant, dream trainer and author of the new book, "Modern Dreamwork: New Tools for Decoding Your Soul's Wisdom". Linda will share steps to improve your dream recall and your ability to dream about specific questions, three unique approaches to interpretation, and how to take the messages out into the world after understanding them.

Navigating Closeness and Conflict as a Result of Sheltering in Place with Jan Dworkin
The Love Doctor is in on April 17, 2020

Having a partner during crisis is a privilege but it doesn't feel that way when you are stuck at home and not getting along. Right now, it is difficult to repress or ignore the interpersonal conflicts you have at home. Dr. Terri talks Dr. Jan Dworkin, couple's therapist and author of the new book, "Make Love Better". Dr. Dworkin will share strategies and tools to navigate the relationship challenges that arise as a result of sheltering in place.

How to Navigate Relationship Challenges with Linda Carroll
The Love Doctor is in on April 10, 2020

The conflicts and differences with your partner may never disappear. But the good news is that the ways you manage these differences can change profoundly. Dr. Terri talks with Linda Carroll, a therapist, coach, and author of the new book “Love Skills: The Keys to Unlocking Lasting, Wholehearted Love.” Carroll offers specific, effective solutions to the most common struggles and challenges that couples face. These well-researched practices will help keep your love alive.

Dating in the Time of COVID-19 with Lisa Clampitt
The Love Doctor is in on April 3, 2020

Are you single and unable to date face-to-face, given the coronavirus pandemic? From social isolation due to quarantine and the closing of public spaces, the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the ability to find love in today's world. Dr. Terri talks with Lisa Clampitt (LMSW), author, relationship expert, and founder and president of the Matchmaking Institute, as well as Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking. Lisa says that singles still have the opportunity to date, they just need to be more creative right now. Lisa shares strategies on how to find love in the time of COVID-19.

How to Ask for What You Want and Get What You Need with Amy Fish
The Love Doctor is in on March 27, 2020

We are all going through challenging times right now. Yet you still need to ask for what you want and need. When you fail to speak up, you shortchange yourself. So, how do you keep the household sane and happy when everyone is suddenly under one roof 24/7? And, how do you stand up for yourself more effectively in professional and interpersonal situations, particularly if you're communicating virtually? Dr. Terri talks with Amy Fish, author of the new book, "I Wanted Fries With That: How to Ask for What You Want and Get What You Need". Her suggestions will appeal to anyone who wants to speak up and isn't sure where to start.

Body, Being, Balance and Business with Dr. Jim Lopez
The Love Doctor is in on March 6, 2020

Are you someone who is strapped for time with too much to do? Do you need guidance to reach your health or business goals? Now is the time to empower yourself to be the best version of you. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Jimmy Lopez, a chiropractor, entrepreneur, podcast host, and business and health coach. Dr. Lopez discusses his new system called, “Core 4: Body, Being, Balance and Business.” The “Core 4” are simple daily habitual action steps to help you stay in communication with your body, mind, partner, and business. These behaviors will propel you into living a thriving, abundant life.

On today's episode:
1:20 - A chiropractor and a coach
5:00 - The "Core 4" system
9:30 - Action steps
15:30 - The importance of mindset
18:25 - Balance in life and relationships

How to Heal With Chakra Energy Work with Lisa Erickson
The Love Doctor is in on March 20, 2020

What do you do when you feel stress or you’re going through a major life transition? Dr. Terri talks with Lisa Erickson, an energy worker and author of the new book, “Chakra Empowerment for Women”. When faced with critical, stressful life transitions such as illness, pregnancy, and menopause, Lisa says that mindfulness, energy, and balance are exactly what you need to own your power, balance work and family, and maintain physical and emotional health. The twelve chakra tools discussed in her book will help you find strength and thrive, as you recover the energy of your fully empowered self.

On today's episode:
:25 - Lisa's introduction and the importance of energy work
5:05 - The seven chakras of the body
9:30 - Using chakras to reduce stress and improve your health
14:10 - Meditation and mindfulness
18:30 - How women can work with their chakras
23:05 - Why you should give energy work a try

Body, Being, Balance and Business with Dr. Jim Lopez
The Love Doctor is in on March 6, 2020

Are you someone who is strapped for time with too much to do? Do you need guidance to reach your health or business goals? Now is the time to empower yourself to be the best version of you. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Jimmy Lopez, a chiropractor, entrepreneur, podcast host, and business and health coach. Dr. Lopez discusses his new system called, “Core 4: Body, Being, Balance and Business.” The “Core 4” are simple daily habitual action steps to help you stay in communication with your body, mind, partner, and business. These behaviors will propel you into living a thriving, abundant life.

On today's episode:
1:20 - A chiropractor and a coach
5:00 - The "Core 4" system
9:30 - Action steps
15:30 - The importance of mindset
18:25 - Balance in life and relationships

How to Find Fulfillment When the Kids Leave Home with Judy Holland
The Love Doctor is in on February 21, 2020

Have you been counting the days until your children finally leave the nest for good? When that day comes, a surprising feeling of emptiness may overwhelm you as a parent. But when the kids leave home, this can still be a time full of love, joy, and rebirth. Dr. Terri talks with Judy Holland, journalism mogul and author of the new book “HappiNest: Finding Fulfillment When Your Kids Leave the Home.” Judy discusses dealing with “boomerang” children and how you can reinvent yourself in the second half of life.

On today's episode:
:30 - Judy's background and motivation for her book
5:00 - The importance of fun and novelty after your children leave home
12:35 - How Judy's book has impacted her views on relationships and millenials
17:15 - Listening to your adult children
20:00 - Boomerang children and final thoughts

How to Make Everything Better the Second Time Around with Terry Gaspard
The Love Doctor is in on February 14, 2020

Studies show that the odds of divorce for remarriages is higher than that for first marriages. Increased financial pressures, unfinished business with exes, the challenges of blending families, and more can strain second marriages to the breaking point. Dr. Terri talks with Terry Gaspard, a licensed therapist for over 30 years, blogger, and author of the new book, “The Remarriage Manual: How to Make Everything Work Better the Second Time Around.” Terry discusses the keys to a successful remarriage to help you build a strong connection for the long-haul.

On today's episode:
1:50 - What inspired Terry to write her book
5:45 - The unique challenges of remarriage
12:20 - Strategies to rebuild trust in a relationship
17:00 - Embracing your role as a step-parent
21:25 - Terry's experience as a relationship coach

Taking Sexy Back in Your Relationship with Alexandra Solomon
The Love Doctor is in on January 31, 2020

Are you sexually satisfied in your relationship? Do you know what sexual choices feel authentic, pleasurable, and joyful, and which ones leave you feeling “less-than.” Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Alexandra Solomon, a licensed clinical psychologist, assistant professor, lecturer, and author of the new book, “Taking Sexy Back: How to Own Your Sexuality and Create the Relationships You Want.” Dr. Solomon discusses how to reclaim your sexuality, communicate your desires, draw boundaries, be safe, and build the satisfying relationships you truly want.

The 4 Steps to Real Love with Lemarc Thomas
The Love Doctor is in on January 24, 2020

Do you want to find real love, that is safe, secure, healthy and sustainable? From which, there is a stable foundation for adventure, excitement, exploration, pain, growth and a shared future combining individual dreams and desires. Dr. Terri talks to Lemarc Thomas, a relationship expert, consultant, speaker and founder/CEO of an international matchmaking agency in Stockholm, Sweden. After almost a decade in the matchmaking industry, Lemarc shares his 4-step approach on how to meet and find real love.

On today's episode:
2:30 - Lemarcs love journey and how he became a relationship expert
8:00 - "Real love" and the 4 steps to find it
12:35 - Healing from your past
18:25 - How to become mindful
20:50 - The importance of compatable values

What is Real Intimacy? With David Essel
The Love Doctor is in on January 17, 2020

What is real intimacy? When most people hear the word intimacy, their mind immediately goes to physical touch, sex and more. But is that definition accurate in the world of love, relationships and intimacy? Dr. Terri talks to David Essel, counselor, master life coach, international speaker, minister and author of 10 books, including the best-selling book called "Love and Relationship Secrets....That Everyone Needs to Know." For the past 30 years, David has been helping singles and couples from around the world to grasp what real intimacy means. David says that once you understand the meaning of real intimacy, you will have the most profound love relationships and friendships.

On today's episode:
:30 - David's background and the law of attraction
6:10 - Getting out of an unhealthy relationship
9:50 - Recognizing your relationship patterns and avoiding the same mistakes
17:00 - Dealing with deal breakers
19:55 - Real intimacy and the importance of honesty

How to Rediscover the Power of Love with Guy Finley
The Love Doctor is in on January 10, 2020

It's easy to love a partner who is doing everything you want. But loving, and growing your love when there are difficulties between you... that's relationship magic. Dr. Terri talks to Guy Finley, internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author of the new book, "Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together." Finley offers new tools to dissolve the pain and distance between you and your partner. You'll learn how to use the power of love to heal recurring conflicts.

On today's episode:
:30 - Introduction to Guy
4:40 - What motivated Guy to write his book "Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together"
9:30 - Managing conflict and practing patience
15:40 - Switching approaches and embracing change
20:55 - Revealing buttons and where to learn more from Guy

Transform Your Relationships with Laughter with Sarah Routman
The Love Doctor is in on December 13, 2019

Research shows that laughter reduces stress, boosts your immune system and strengthens your connection to others. It also provides an adrenaline rush that makes you more attractive to others. Dr. Terri talks to Sarah Routman, a Worldwide Laughter Ambassador, speaker, author, and certified laughter yoga leader. Sarah shares tools to use laughter to better your relationship with yourself and others. She says that laughter keeps everything in perspective and the more you practice it, the better you get seeing things in a fresh and more light-hearted way.

How to Improve Your Communication on the Job with Jen Oleniczak Brown
The Love Doctor is in on December 6, 2019

Have you ever experienced a situation at work that was out of your control? For example, maybe a coworker put you on the spot in front of the boss, or your PowerPoint presentation crashed at a critical moment. Most people react to the unexpected with anxiety and unease. Dr. Terri talks to Jen Oleniczak Brown, founder of The Engaging Educator and author of the new book, "Think on Your Feet: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Impromptu Communication Skills on the Job.” Jen discusses tips for handling a curveball during a pitch or interview, ways to collaborate in a competitive environment and networking for introverts.

Dating After Divorce with Kelly Brandli
The Love Doctor is in on November 22, 2019

Did your marriage or former relationship end because you chose the wrong partner? Do you trust yourself to make the right choice with a new relationship? Dating after divorce or the end of a long-term committed relationship, can be challenging. Dr. Terri talks to Kelly Brandli, matchmaker, dating and relationship coach, speaker, and workshop presenter about selecting the "right" partner for you the second time around. She will share 6 key steps you need to consider when re-entering the dating scene.

Myth or Reality: Love Happens By Chance with Trea Tijmens
The Love Doctor is in on November 15, 2019

Do you believe that love happens by chance? What about if love is meant to be, it will just happen? We all know people who were not even looking for a partner and then met that special someone standing in line at the grocery store, on a bus, or on a ski lift. Were those people just lucky at love? Dr. Terri talks to Trea Tijmens, elite matchmaker, dating and relationship coach, and relationship expert about the myth that love should happen by chance. Trea will share her tips and insights on how anyone can get lucky at love.

How to Restart Your Life After Caregiving Ends with Christopher MacLellan
The Love Doctor is in on November 8, 2019

More than 65 million people, 29% of the U.S. population, provide care for a chronically ill, disabled, or aged family member or friend. Caregiving requires sacrifice and commitment, and then it ends. What happens next and how do you restart your life afterwards? Dr. Terri talks to Christopher MacLellan, caregiver advocate, speaker and author of the book, "What's The Deal with Caregiving." Chris discusses how caregiving changes people and finding one's comfort zone during and after caregiving is just as difficult as caregiving itself.

Deepening Your Relationship Practice with Jan Dworkin
The Love Doctor is in on November 1, 2019

Where did we come up with the crazy idea that people should be able to “succeed” at relationships the first, second or even the third time around? Why do we think a marriage should be judged for its durability, rather than for awareness gained or growth achieved? Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Jan Dworkin, couple's therapist and author of the new book, "Make Love Better." She suggests we lean into the idea of relationships as a place where mistakes are not just inevitable, but necessary. She also offers us a set of skills and attitudes to help us build our very own “relationship practice".

Why We Love Unavailable People with Dr. Marni Feuerman
The Love Doctor is in on October 25, 2019

Have you ever been ghosted? Do you constantly fall in love with people who never return your feelings? Dating in the digital age can be chaotic and confusing, while also creating unique challenges for long-term, solid, healthy relationships. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Marni Feuerman, marriage and family therapist, speaker, and author of the new book, "Ghosted and Breadcrumbed: Stop Falling for Unavailable Men and Get Smart about Healthy Relationships." Dr. Marni discusses why you attract and accept poor treatment from others, and then reliable techniques on how you can get out, move on, and find the love you deserve.

What I Wish I’d Known About Sex & Relationships When I Was Young with Joan Price
The Love Doctor is in on October 18, 2019

When you were younger, what did you learn about sex and relationships? And as an adult now, what do you wish someone would have taught or shared with you? Dr. Terri talks to Joan Price, author, speaker and advocate for ageless sexuality. Sex and relationships in your later years is not the same as younger sex, but it can be equally satisfying, and in some ways, it’s better. Joan will discuss what older adults wish they'd known about sex and relationships when they were younger. And how the definition of “what is sex?” has changed or evolved over time.

The Power of a Kind Word with Robyn Spizman
The Love Doctor is in on September 20, 2019

Do you know how meaningful a heartfelt word or gesture can be? When you see and value others, you not only brighten their day but you also embody the best version of yourself. Dr. Terri talks to Robyn Spizman, a popular media personality, speaker and author of the new book, "Loving Out Loud." Robyn discusses how small (or large) acts of generosity can impact your life and change the giver and the recipient a like.

Aging Joyfully with Dr. Carla Marie Manly
The Love Doctor is in on September 13, 2019

Aging issues hit all of all, regardless of our chronological age. If we are negative and pessimistic, we can feel older than our years. But when we are positive and radiant, these qualities contribute to looking and feeling more vibrant. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a clinical psychologist, wellness expert and author of the new book, "Aging Joyfully." Dr. Manly discusses how to notice, understand, and face the changes with grace and strength.

Best Dating Advice For Men with Hunt Ethridge
The Love Doctor is in on September 6, 2019

For many decades, men haven't had the resources to find dating and relationship advice, like women have had. As such, there's so much to learn and not many places to seek it out. Dr. Terri talks to Hunt Ethridge, international dating and relationship expert, coach, and author about the best dating strategies and tips for men. Hunt discusses how guys can become the kind of men that would make their mommas proud!

How to Be Fully Present with Mindfulness with Ora Nadrich
The Love Doctor is in on August 30, 2019

The moments of your life are opportunities to learn something valuable about yourself. Instead, you often take them for granted and waste them on negative, unproductive thoughts. Mindfulness keeps you present and aware. Dr. Terri talks to Ora Nadrich, founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking, and author of Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity. She will discuss how to be present in all the moments of your life and why it’s important to stop the day’s busy-ness and allow for interludes of present moment awareness.

Online Dating Hacks to Get You More Attention and More Dates with Erika Ettin
The Love Doctor is in on August 23, 2019

Online dating is no longer seen as a last attempt for the desperate and lonely to find their soul mate. Currently, almost half of U.S. online users have met or know someone who has met a romantic partner on a dating website or app. Dr. Terri talks to Erika Ettin founder of A Little Nudge, a consulting company that helps people navigate the world of online dating, from first click to first date. Erika shares strategies and pointers for your online dating pictures, profile, messages, and more - so that you can get more attention and more dates.

How to Use Your Intuition When It Comes to Love with Lisa Jesswein
The Love Doctor is in on August 16, 2019

How can intuition help you find love with the right person? Have you ever wondered if you could develop your own intuitive abilities? Dr. Terri talks to Lisa Jesswein, psychic medium, intuitive mentor and Empower Radio program host, about how to use your intuition when it comes to love. She also shares tips on how to tap into your own intuition and guidance system.

How to Know If It's a M.A.T.C.H. with Amari Ice
The Love Doctor is in on August 9, 2019

Most people have an idea of what they want in a romantic partner but few have a clear, concise understanding of what they actually need. And, in the era of mobile apps, how do you sift through all the digital smoke and glitter to find a heart of gold? Dr. Terri talks to Amari Ice (aka, The Prince of Hearts), a certified matchmaker and relationship coach, about what you need to look for in a potential partner. Amari discusses the 5 things you must know in order to be sure you’ve found an excellent romantic match.

How To Deal With The Challenges of Caregiving with Christopher MacLellan
The Love Doctor is in on August 2, 2019

More than 65 million people, 29% of the U.S. population, provide care for a chronically ill, disabled, or aged family member or friend. Taking care of someone you love is a privilege, but it also requires sacrifice and commitment. Dr. Terri talks to Christopher MacLellan, caregiver advocate, speaker and author of the book, "What's The Deal with Caregiving." Chris will discuss how to manage the challenges that caregivers encounter, regardless of sexual orientation, family situation or age. Chris' passion centers around advocacy, sharing stories and connecting people to trusted resources.

Ageless Sexuality with Joan Price
The Love Doctor is in on July 26, 2019

Getting older doesn’t have to mean giving up a passionate love life. In a youth-obsessed society, older people have just as much right to sexual pleasure as younger ones. Dr. Terri talks to Joan Price, author, speaker and advocate for ageless sexuality. Sex changes with age, but it doesn’t have to go away. Sex in your later years is not the same as younger sex, but it can be equally satisfying, and in some ways, it’s better.

How to Deal with Workplace Burnout with Vicky Oliver
The Love Doctor is in on July 19, 2019

Burnout at work is now at a national crisis level. Recent figures show 28 percent of workers suffer from it – and the numbers go up in high-stress careers. It manifests as physical and mental exhaustion. Dr. Terri talks to Vicky Oliver, a leading career development expert, and the bestselling author of five books. Vicky will share scenarios about how office burnout manifests and strategies so others don't dent your armor.

Secrets to a Successful Private Practice with Brandon Seigel
The Love Doctor is in on July 5, 2019

Most healthcare practitioners have built their careers around their passion for health and wellness. They aren't trained to develop a career as a successful entrepreneur. Dr. Terri talks to Brandon Seigel, a business coach, president of Wellness Works Management Partners, and author of the new book, The Private Practice Survival Guide: A Journey to Unlock Your Freedom to Success. Brandon discusses key strategies for private practices to survive-and thrive-in today's business environment.

Identifying an Abuser and Steps to Breaking Free with Dr. Duana Welch
The Love Doctor is in on June 28, 2019

Are you worried you may be involved with an angry or controlling partner? What about someone you know? Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Duana Welch, coach and author of two new Love Factually Singles books, "Love Factually: Your Guide to Identifying Abusers Before They Abuse You" and "Love Factually: Your Guide to Breaking Free From Abuse." In this program, she will be discussing some of the warning signs of abuse, along with common questions once abuse has occurred. If you or anyone you know is suffering from an abusive relationship, you can find additional support through the National Domestic Abuse Hotline. They offer free and confidential resources to help break free from abuse, and can be contacted 24/7 on their website or phone-line at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Keys to Recovering from a Massive Stroke with Ted Baxter
The Love Doctor is in on June 14, 2019

Strokes are on the rise for those 49 and under, and a fourth of stroke sufferers are under 65. Knowing the right steps to take before and after strokes can have an enormous impact on recovery. These are not only steps for the stroke sufferer, but their loved ones as well. Dr. Terri talks Ted Baxter, author of "Relentless: How A Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better." Ted discusses keys to better stroke recovery based on his own experience, and his work as an advocate for those suffering from stroke and aphasia. These powerful tools help repair mind and body after a stroke.

The Effects of Parental Conflict and Parental Alienation on Children's and Parent's Well-Being with Jane Irvine and Margeret Olnek
The Love Doctor is in on June 7, 2019

Studies show that children who experience parental conflict and parental alienation in childhood can experience later life behavioral and psychological distress. Dr. Terri talks to Jane Irvine and Margaret Olnek. Jane is a board certified counselor and mediator with 35 years experience working in high-conflict divorces, and Margaret is an attorney and divorce coach with over 25 years experience working with all types of divorce cases. Jane and Margaret will discuss the havoc that family conflict and parental alienation can have on children's and parent's well-being. You can learn more about parental alienation at

How to Make Fear Your Friend with Dr. Carla Marie Manly
The Love Doctor is in on May 17, 2019

Troubling memories are often storehouses of pain and hurt. Seated deep within our minds, they can seem impossible to dislodge. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Carla Marie Manly, clinical psychologist and author of the new book, "Joy from Fear: Create the Life of Your Dreams by Making Fear Your Friend." Dr. Manly shares strategies to safely face your fearful memories, learn from them, and successfully break free.

Women's Social Life Struggles with David Morin
The Love Doctor is in on May 10, 2019

What social life challenges can women expect to face in their 20s and 30s? And do women's life struggles change after their mid-30's? Dr. Terri talks to SocialPro creator David Morin, about the research findings that they discovered regarding the challenges that women face in their social lives, particularly with friends and dating. David discusses the findings and recommendations for how women can manage these social issues.

How Much Relationship Baggage is Too Much with Julia McCurley
The Love Doctor is in on May 3, 2019

Can you identify what your real deal-breakers are -- qualities you won't accept in a romantic partner? And, how much relationship baggage is too much when it comes to the past and your deal breakers? Dr. Terri talks to Julia McCurley, professional matchmaker and CEO of Something More, Austin's premier matchmaking service for successful executives. She is also the author of a new book called, "Game Set Match: A Professional Matchmaker's Advice on How to Win at the Game of Love."

How to Choose Mr. or Ms. Right with Maria Avgitidis
The Love Doctor is in on April 26, 2019

Do you always seem to pick the wrong kind of person for dating or romantic relationships? Are you questioning where, how, and whether you'll ever meet Mr. or Ms. Right for you? Dr. Terri talks to Maria Avgitidis, award winning matchmaker with a global reputation. For over a decade, she has successfully combined four generations of family matchmaking tradition with modern relationship psychology to ensure her clients are introduced to their ultimate match. Maria reveals how to better choose the right partner for you, because without realizing it, you are often drawn to people for the wrong reasons.

Take the Sting out of Stress with Mindfulness with Julie Potiker
The Love Doctor is in on April 19, 2019

April is National Stress Awareness Month. A recent study revealed that approximately 57 percent of people experience paralyzing stress, and 47 percent say their response to stress is to “take it out on themselves.” Dr. Terri talks to Julie Potiker, mindfulness expert, mindful methods for life teacher, and author of “Life Falls Apart, But You Don’t Have To: Mindful Methods For Staying Calm In the Midst of Chaos.” Julie offers strategies to give people an opportunity to respond to stress in a new way and, ideally, reduce the intensity of their stress over time.

8 Conversations That Can Make Or Break Your Relationship with John and Julie Gottman
The Love Doctor is in on April 5, 2019

Couples often connect and fall in love by talking. But what conversations should a new couple have to know if their love will last a lifetime? And, what conversations should long-term couples have to reinvigorate the connection and passion? Dr. Terri talks to Drs. John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman, leading experts, researchers, and authors of the new book, "Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love".

The Gottmans have been studying the masters and disasters of relationships for over 40 years and are founders of the world-renowned Love Lab. Their latest book is a tested program of eight fun, conversation-based dates that will result in a lifetime of understanding and commitment, whether a couple is newly in love or has been together for decades.

Practical Tools for Cultivating Well-Being with Dr. Beth Kurland
The Love Doctor is in on March 29, 2019

You may think that happiness is out there somewhere – dependent on the circumstances of your life changing. But well-being is actually a skill that can be cultivated, and it starts from within. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Beth Kurland, a clinical psychologist, author and public speaker with more than 25 years' experience, about behaviors and thoughts that are holding you back from your deepest well-being. She reveals how to move from surviving to thriving by practicing new habits of mind that don't take a lot of time in your day. Her newest book is "Dancing on the Tightrope: Transcending the Habits of Your Mind and Awakening to Your Fullest Life."

Steps to Overcome Anxiety
The Love Doctor is in on March 22, 2019

Anxieties are hitting epidemic levels in the United States. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reports that 40 million American adults suffer from an anxiety disorder every year. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Robert London, a psychiatrist with more than 40 years experience, about a remarkable new kind of therapy that helps overcome anxiety, PTSD and insomnia - with less or no medications and far fewer therapy sessions. After the techniques are learned, a person can do it in the comfort of their own home. All they need is a quiet space and a chair.

Shortcuts to Happiness with Dr. Tal Ben-Sharar
The Love Doctor is in on March 1, 2019

People around the world are more miserable than ever before. Plus, American's negative experience scores are higher than the average across the globe. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, international happiness expert and renowned Harvard positive psychologist, about his newest book titled "Short Cuts to Happiness: Life-Changing Lessons from My Barber." In the book, New York Times-bestselling author Tal Ben-Shahar chronicles his conversations with his longtime barber and states that happiness can be found in surprising, everyday practices.

The Pitfalls of Single-Parent Dating with Dr. Duana Welch
The Love Doctor is in on February 15, 2019

Marriages sometimes come and go, but parenthood is forever. But what if you could have both--a great family life, and a happy lifetime love? Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Duana Welch, author of the new book, "Love Factually for Single Parents." She has written a book that relies on science rather than opinion to guide this large and growing group of men and women. We’ll be discussing pitfalls of single-parent dating, and how to succeed at finding a partner who’s good for you—and your kids!

How to Best Help Your Child with Learning Differences to Succeed with Dr. Deborah Ross-Swain
The Love Doctor is in on February 8, 2019

All children are smart in their own way. Some children, however, have individual learning styles that don’t allow them to succeed with traditional learning methods. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Deborah Ross-Swain, a licensed speech-language pathologist and co-author of the new book, "Confidence & Joy: Success Strategies for Kids with Learning Differences." They will discuss tools for parents and educators to help children with learning differences realize lifelong success.

Talking to Your Kids about School Violence with Nancy Kislin
The Love Doctor is in on January 25, 2019

A shocking 187,000 school students have been directly exposed to gun violence since the Columbine school shooting in 1999. Millions more endure the trauma of being in "lockdown" and "active shooter" drills that occur regularly in schools today. Dr. Terri talks to Nancy Kislin, a licensed social worker, family therapist and author of the new book, "Lockdown: Talking to Your Kids about School Violence." Nancy discusses accessible tips to support the mental health of your children, while offering them the knowledge and comfort that they will be safe everyday.

Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos for a Happier 2019 with Julie Potiker
The Love Doctor is in on January 11, 2019

Wouldn’t it be great to make 2019 the year you don’t get so triggered by all the usual suspects? Wouldn’t it be nice to stay calm in traffic, get out the door in the morning without stress, and interact peacefully with life’s biggest button pushers? Dr. Terri talks to Julie Potiker, author and mindfulness expert about strategies to have a calmer, clearer, and more peaceful year ahead. When life gets crazy, you can use these mindful methods to keep your cool.

Dating For Single Parents & Those Dating Them with Dr. Duana Welch
The Love Doctor is in on December 7, 2018

Marriages may come and go, but parenthood is forever. But what if you could have both—a great family life, and a happy lifetime love? The fact is, you can—by relying on what’s known about relationships all around the world. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Duana Welch, author of the new book, "Love Factually For Single Parents [& Those Dating Them]," the first guide that relies on science to help this large and growing group of men and women find the right partner not only for themselves, but their families.

How Confidence Can Improve Your Dating, Life, and Relationships with Denise Levy
The Love Doctor is in on November 30, 2018

Are you unsure of what will make you happy in your relationships? Do you have a difficult time making decisions or feel frustrated knowing that there is so much more you could be doing with your life? Dr. Terri talks to Denise Levy (BSW), life coach, professional matchmaker and business mentor. She specializes in the art and science of getting you out of your own way. She has actionable tips, tools, hacks & techniques you can start using today to go from disempowered to empowered, all by increasing your confidence.

Building Credibility from the Inside Out with Rob Jolles
The Love Doctor is in on November 16, 2018

There isn't a soul on earth who hasn't questioned themselves at some point. And most of us are just one or two brutal rejections away from questioning all that we are. Dr. Terri talks to Rob Jolles, speaker, author, consultant and coach. He argues that with practice, anyone can cultivate the credibility and soft skills to believe in yourself, and convince others of your talents. He has down-to-earth solutions and practical tools to achieve credibility and success.

New Dating App SLINDIR for People with Active Lifestyle with Andrea Miller
The Love Doctor is in on November 9, 2018

Dating apps can be frustrating and time consuming because they're not matching on what matters: compatibility. Dr. Terri talks to Andrea Miller, certified matchmaker, dating coach, author and founder of Slindir, the newest dating app for Fit & Active Singles. Andrea believes that how you view health and fitness in your everyday life is one of the top values that play a role in setting the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Tools to Heal from Loss with Sherry Cormier
The Love Doctor is in on November 2, 2018

When you lose someone, everything changes. The grief can be utterly crippling. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Sherry Cormier, author of the new book, "Sweet Sorrow: Finding Enduring Wholeness After Loss and Grief," about the most effective tools for healing, and she knows firsthand that they work. She argues that the process of recovering is often misunderstood and misrepresented, and you never "get over it" - and you shouldn't.

Single is the New Black with Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell
The Love Doctor is in on October 26, 2018

If you're single, you've heard it all from everyone -- from you're too picky to why don't you try harder. You may feel like you need to change who you are or what you want. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell, psychologist and author of the book, "Single is the New Black: Don't Wear White 'Til It's Right." She encourages singles to never ever settle and to stay strong amidst prevailing single shaming messages.

New Dating App COVE Guarantees You Don't Waste Time with Charles Messow and Michelle G.
The Love Doctor is in on October 19, 2018

Dating apps can be challenging. Many people on the apps aren’t serious and then you end up wasting your time. Cove is a new dating app that gamifies the experience in a way that empowers women who want a better way to meet reliable men online. Dr. Terri talks to Charles Messow, founder and CEO of COVE, along with relationship coach Michelle G. about dating apps and how COVE is different and guarantees you won't waste your time. Learn more at

Why Relationships Based Solely on Attraction & Desire Rarely Last with Guy Finley
The Love Doctor is in on October 12, 2018

When you're first drawn into a new relationship, the love you feel is often based primarily on attraction and desire. This form of love, as sweet as it is, can be disastrous if it remains the entire foundation of the relationship. Dr. Terri talks to Guy Finley, internationally renowned spiritual teacher and best selling author. His groundbreaking new book, "Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together" is all about a different kind of love. And it is this higher form of love that can work miracles in your relationships.

How to Overcome the Struggles on the Journey to Motherhood with Julie Pierce
The Love Doctor is in on Septmeber 28, 2018

Sometimes getting to parenthood isn't as easy breezy as couples are led to believe and women can't help but wonder what's up with their fertility. After all the years spent telling their body not to get pregnant, now they want a baby. Dr. Terri talks to Julie Pierce, author, speaker, certified relationship coach, and mother about how women can stop thinking about how badly they want a baby and just get pregnant. In her book "I Still Want to be a Mom," she shares what she's learned through years of working with women struggling their way to motherhood-and she was one of them. With her help, women can stop their struggle and return to that beautiful place of confidence and joy they started this journey with and just get pregnant.

Strategies to Empower Gay Men to Have the Lasting Love They Desire and Deserve
The Love Doctor is in on Septmeber 14, 2018

In the era of mobile apps, the gay dating census (aka #BaeBuffet) is literally in the palm of your hands. But how do you sift through all the digital smoke and glitter to find a heart of gold? Dr. Terri talks to Amari Ice (aka The Prince of Hearts), certified matchmaker and relationship coach, about his international best selling book, "Lasting Love at Last: The Gay Guide to Catching and Keeping the Man of Your Dreams." Amari says that navigating the dating pool can be quite the struggle, but with the twelve-step RELATIONSHIP process outlined in his book, you'll have a love that can go the distance. Through Amari's book, live workshops and coaching programs, he provides single gay men with a proven method to initiate and navigate romantic interactions.

Countering the Toxicity of Parental Alienation in Your Child's Daily School Life with Elena Bondareva
The Love Doctor is in on Septmeber 7, 2018

The beginning of the school year is often a challenging time for both parents and children. This time of the year is even more difficult for the 22 million parents who battle parental alienation in the US alone. These parents are silenced by the law, compromised, and treated as the lesser parent. Dr. Terri talks to Elena Bondareva about how to manage parental alienation through school and extra-curricular activities. Elena is on the board of directors of Simply Parent, a non-profit organization dedicated to forging a society where children have access to all of their loving parents and extended families.

How to Confront Fear-Based Thoughts with Ora Nadrich
The Love Doctor is in on August 31, 2018

No matter what area of life you find yourself struggling in - health, finances, career, relationships - it is the thoughts you harbor around these things that are the most powerful in determining success or failure. Dr. Terri talks to Ora Nadrich, certified life coach and mindfulness teacher, who says that most people don't question their fear-based or self-negating thoughts. Learning how to ask "Says who?" confronts the negative and fear-based thoughts holding you hostage and hijacking your confidence and well-being.

Calibrating Your Leadership GPS in an Era of Hyper-Change
The Love Doctor is in on August 24, 2018

Research shows that today's organizations need a new set of rules to effectively steer the changing workforce. Before, a leader's ability and talent were the focus, but now leaders need relational skills, like developing trust, harnessing motivation and clarifying a vision. Dr. Terri talks to Eric Wright, an innovative leader and co-author of the new book, Dogs Don't Bark at Parked Cars. They discuss the new direction leadership must take to effectively steer the changing workforce.

Super Fun Date Ideas with Hunt Ethridge
The Love Doctor is in on August 10, 2018

Are you looking for the perfect way to spend time with your crush this summer? Or maybe you want some fun new date ideas to add excitement in your long-term relationship. Dr. Terri talks to dating and relationship expert Hunt Ethridge, about fun inexpensive date ideas, along with conversation topics to discuss. Whether you've been married for 40+ years or just getting ready to go on a first date, these date ideas will be a ton of fun and affordable.

Classifying Guys Into Four Distinct Romantic Personalities
The Love Doctor is in on August 3, 2018

Did you know that there are four distinct types of men, depending on their romantic personalities? Are you interested in learning more about where you fit, or what man is right for you? Dr. Terri talks to clinical psychologist Dr. Alex Avila about his new book, GuyTypes. In this revolutionary new book, Dr. Avila unveils a groundbreaking system for finding love by classifying guys into four distinct romantic personalities.

How to Establish and Grow a Small Business with Arlene Vasquez Washburn
The Love Doctor is in on July 27, 2018

Are you interested in establishing or growing your small business? Have you always wanted to network with others who can help you grow your client base? Dr. Terri talks to Arlene Vasquez Washburn, a life and business strategist and relationship expert, about creating efficiencies so you can get it all done. She also will provide tips for successfully running and growing a client base.

Marital Advice From Grandfather to Grandson
The Love Doctor is in on July 20, 2018

When Peter Davidson's grandson, Joel, got engaged, Davidson decided to jot down a few words of martial advice for him, based on his vast experience as a husband. Then Davidson thought, why share this wisdom with only one person when he could share it with the whole world. Dr. Terri talks to author Peter Davidson about his new book, Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel. This book is a lively, upbeat, tongue-in-cheek, humorous look at married life that any married, engaged, or single person can relate to and will find insightful and fun to read.

Seeing People as People Changes Your Happiness
The Love Doctor is in on June 29, 2018

There's a model for regaining happiness, but it's not where you'd expect. Dr. Terri talks to author Kimberly White. Her new book is called, The Shift: How Seeing People as People Changes Everything. White says that seeing people as people is an idea so simple you'll swear you've heard it a million times, but so profound you'll never stop learning from it. It is the key to healing your most troubled relationships and your deepest personal suffering, and to finding greater peace, meaning, and fullness in your life.

Building a Powerful Relationship With Your Teen
The Love Doctor is in on June 22, 2018

Your role as a parent is critical to your children's health and well-being. Dr. Terri talks to Sandy Fowler, co-founder of DASIUM and co-host of Mighty Parenting Podcast, about raising an emotionally healthy teen. They discuss the 3 core areas that you as a parent need to focus on to build a healthy relationship with your teen. It is vital to raise teens who know they can turn to you when life goes sideways.

The Unspoken Rules of Modern Dating with Michele Russo
The Love Doctor is in on June 15, 2018

Has it been years or even decades since you last dated? Or, have you tried seemingly every avenue to meet that ‘special someone’ and come up ‘empty-hearted’? You are not alone. Dr. Terri talks to Michele Russo, former St. Louis Rams Cheerleader turned author, writer and dating coach. She says that the times have most definitely changed in terms of the dating world. And although dating is meant to be fun, in this age, dating can be described as a game and there are definitely some unspoken rules of modern dating. Michele shares the unspoken rules to modern dating, along with her modern tales of "fairy-fails".

The Practice Women Around the World Are Using to Heal and Empower Themselves
The Love Doctor is in on June 8, 2018

Circle gatherings are an ancient tool used by peoples around the world to heal and strengthen their communities. In recent years, thousands of women around the world have used a practice called Circlework. Dr. Terri talks to Jalaja Bonheim (PhD), who has led circles for over three decades and trained hundreds of Circlework leaders from around the world. She describes the practice and how the principles of Circlework can restore your sense of wholeness, mend broken relationships, lay the foundation for peace and unite us beyond race and religion, culture and politics.

Sports Can Improve Your Mental Health with Christopher Harris
The Love Doctor is in on May 11, 2018

You already know that sports are beneficial for your physical health. But there’s more good news. Studies also show that participation in sports can positively affect your mental health. Dr. Terri talks to Christopher Harris, a licensed professional counselor, about how playing sports creates a foundation of wellness. Football helped him gain confidence and resilience through many life challenges. Today, he integrates professional counseling sessions with fitness and athletics as a means to produce healthy outcomes for youth and young adults in schools and residential treatment facilities.

How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Community
The Love Doctor is in on May 4, 2018

Volunteering or community service builds healthy communities and teaches people of all ages and backgrounds compassion and understanding. The key is to find something that you're passionate about, and then identify how you can get involved at a community level. Dr. Terri talks to Greg Martin, Executive Director of DRAW (Disaster Relief At Work, Inc). DRAW is dedicated to providing relief to communities around the US that have been hit by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Greg discusses why building a strong relationship with your community is vital and says that volunteering is one of the few ways you can work on you, without having to focus on you.

Why You Should Hire a Matchmaker with Laurie Berzack
The Love Doctor is in on April 27, 2018

Stop procrastinating on your love life when you can find love this year! Hiring a matchmaker is the most efficient, proactive way that you can find love in this busy and competitive dating climate. Dr. Terri talks to matchmaker Laurie F. Berzack (M.S.W.), Carolinas Matchmaker, about why you should hire a matchmaker to find love. Laurie is known for her innovative matchmaking and has been bringing couples together for over 12 years. She carefully hand selects matches based on faith, emotional intelligence, personality type, humor, fitness, looks, and intellect, among many other variables.

What to Do If Your Child Is Vaping with Nancy Kislin
The Love Doctor is in on March 30, 2018

Recent studies show that "vaping" is on the rise among teenagers, setting off alarm bells among parents. Vaping is the popular term for using electronic cigarettes or vaporizers - devices that heat up small quantities of liquid or oil until they produce an inhalable vapor. Dr. Terri talks with Nancy Kislin, a certified marriage and family therapist, and child and adolescent psychotherapist, about what to do if your child is vaping. For over 28 years, Nancy has been working with children, teens and families. She says it's not a vaping problem, it's a parenting problem.

How to Learn to Swim Upstream and Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary
The Love Doctor is in on March 23, 2018

So many people dream of greatness yet are hamstrung by their own self-doubts. Others face criticism that stops them in their tracks. But there's no reason to accept "you can't" for an answer. Dr. Terri talks with Anni Keffer about how to shake off the negative and stay the course to fulfill your purpose, or why, in life. She is a nationally recognized educator, speaker, author and entrepreneur who is passionate about youth leadership. Her new book is Leadership Built On Why: A Guide for Young Adults.

Dos and Don'ts of First Dates with Hunt Ethridge
The Love Doctor is in on March 16, 2018

Are you one of those people who has lots of first dates but not so many second dates? Let’s face it: first dates can be trying! It’s almost like a job interview, both people putting their best face on for the other and hiding their scars. Dr. Terri talks with Hunt Ethridge, a dating and relationship expert with over a decade of experience helping people become the best, most dateable versions of themselves, about how you should behave and what you should reveal on a first date to ensure a second one.

Tips to Help Parents Keep Their Cool During Meltdowns
The Love Doctor is in on March 9, 2018

Research shows that parents who maintain a warm connection with their child while also setting high expectations are the most likely to end up with happy, well-adjusted children. Dr. Terri talks with Faith Collins, a parenting coach, public speaker and classroom teacher, about how parents can keep their cool during meltdowns and acts of defiance.

Bridging the Generational Divide in the Workplace with Kelly Riggs
The Love Doctor is in on March 2, 2018

Millennials now make up the largest percentage of the workforce. Their confidence and technological expertise have created extreme conflict between the older and younger generations in the workplace. Dr. Terri talks with father and son team Kelly Riggs and Robby Riggs, co-authors of Counter Mentor Leadership: How to Unlock the Potential of the 4-Generation Workplace, about bridging the divide between Boomers and Millennials in the workplace.

How to Find Love Online with Julie Spira
The Love Doctor is in on February 16, 2018

Online dating has lost much of its stigma and a majority of Americans now say online dating is a good way to meet people. Dr. Terri talks with Julie Spira, America's Top Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker, about the best strategies and the top dating sites to find love in the digital age. Julie is also the author of the bestselling book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online.

The Best is Yet to Come for Baby Boomer Men
The Love Doctor is in on February 9, 2018

Just like women, men are living longer, and the old model of retirement just doesn't apply. Dr. Terri talks with Dr. Thelma Reese, a retirement and aging expert, about the realities and opportunities Baby Boomer men face as they retire. She offers inspiring stories of men from all walks of life who are redefining retirement - expanding their experiences, discovering new sides of themselves, and getting the most out of this phase of their life.

Are You Good Enough? with Laurie Davis Edwards
The Love Doctor is in on February 2, 2018

How many times a day do you ask yourself some version of, "Am I good enough?" In relationships, you do it all the time. Dr. Terri talks with Laurie Davis Edwards, founder of The Worthy One, a movement designed to empower women in their love lives. We'll explore the struggle with enoughness, where it comes from, why it shows up in some moments and not in others, and how to create a strong sense of worthiness in your life.

Healing From Betrayal with Barry and Janae Weinhold
The Love Doctor is in on January 26, 2018

Many people have experienced betrayal and when its done by those closest to you, it is the most painful. Dr. Terri talks with Drs. Barry and Janae Weinhold about practical ways to identify and heal betrayals. They are the co-authors of the new book, Betrayal and The Path of The Heart, a book that looks at how to use betrayal experiences as opportunities for becoming more conscious. The book also describes how to spot predator types who use lies and cleaver manipulations to gain your trust.

Creating Rituals to Encourage Gratitude with Dr. Peter Borten
The Love Doctor is in on January 19, 2018

Many people find it difficult to move their attention from the problems in their lives, in order to recognize their blessings. But, research reveals that ritual can provide the framework to evoke a spirit of gratitude and to connect with others. Dr. Terri talks with Dr. Peter Borten, a doctor of Asian medicine who helps people attain whole health of body and mind. He also is the co-author of the new book, Rituals for Transformation: 108 Day Journey to Your Sacred Life.

Dating - What Women Like in Men With Dan Silverman
The Love Doctor is in on January 12, 2018

Do you know what women like in men? The good news for singles is that the majority of what women like in men can be learned or developed! Dr. Terri talks to dating coach and matchmaker Dan Silverman, who has taught both men and women how to date successfully for over ten years. It has been his life mission to help singles become more self-aware, self-confident, and more successful in their dating lives. He will share the most important aspects in what women like in men, how to identify when a woman is showing interest, and ways men succeed with women when dating.

Tales From the Front: Divorce Lawyer Has Seen It All
The Love Doctor is in on December 15, 2017

Next to losing someone you love, divorce is one of the most traumatic of life's experiences. At the same time, it's the path out of a bad marriage, and ideally for all parties, to a happier, more fulfilling life. But it's not without complications. Dr. Terri talks to a leading expert in family law, attorney Henry Gornbein about his book, Divorce Demystified. Besides exploring legal, economic, and psychological issues, Gornbein focuses on the random, routine, and often overlooked details including the role of social media that can propel divorce proceedings into a roller-coaster ride gone off the tracks.

Restoring Family Relationships Over the Holidays with Dr. Jonice Webb
The Love Doctor is in on December 8, 2017

A national poll shows that 40 percent of people struggle to cope during time spent with family over the holidays, and 1 in 5 feel compelled to act like everything is fine, even when its not. Dr. Terri talks with psychologist Jonice Webb about Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) and how to change the holiday experience with family. CEN occurs when a family doesn't notice or attend to the emotions of its members. It delivers a powerful message: "We don't care what you feel."

Should You Stay Or Should You Go? with Cherie Morris
The Love Doctor is in on December 1, 2017

Are you confused about whether you want to stay married or need to divorce? Dr. Terri talks with lawyer and divorce coach, Cherie Morris, about the most important factors involved in this critical life decision. Cherie is also the author of the book, "Should I Stay or Should I Go," a book about how to evaluate your own life circumstances as you weigh your decision and what is involved when moving forward with a divorce.

Dealing with Dating Burnout with Dr. Duana Welch
The Love Doctor is in on November 24, 2017

Dating can be discouraging, exhausting and not always fun. But, the good news is that there are several ways to deal with dating burnout. Dr. Terri talks with Dr. Duana Welch, author of Love Factually, about the signs you might be burning out and how to deal with your thoughts and emotions so you can move forward and find the right person for you!

The Secret Sauce of Staying Connected During Challenging Conversations with Nina Simonds
The Love Doctor is in on November 17, 2017

Do you notice yourself holding back during difficult conversations because you don't want to rock the boat? Or conversely, do you sometimes overreact or distance yourself when things get challenging? Dr. Terri talks with Nina Simonds, an internationally-recognized coach with 15+ years experience, coaching relationships of all kinds - couples, families and teams, about how to stay true to yourself without disconnecting from others. Whether you lead a team, coach and develop others, or want to strengthen the connection in your marriage - your ability to create the best moment to moment has a big impact on your interpersonal effectiveness and the quality of your interactions.

Relationships and Autism With Ron Sandison
The Love Doctor is in on November 10, 2017

Currently, one in every sixty-eight children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism. More children will be diagnosed with autism each year than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined. Dr. Terri talks with Ron Sandison about his experiences being a husband and father, as an individual living with autism. He is the author of the book, A Parent's Guide to Autism and has published articles in Autism Speaks, Autism Society of America, Autism File Magazine, the Detroit News, and numerous other outlets. He frequently speaks at colleges, conferences, autism centers and churches.

Running with Mindfulness with William Pullen
The Love Doctor is in on November 3, 2017

Step by step you can run or walk your way out of depression, stress, and anxiety. Dr. Terri talks with psychotherapist William Pullen about a powerful method for overcoming emotional pain. It's part of a radical new approach called Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT). Based on the most recent research on the body-mind connection, the benefits of regular exercise, and the wisdom of mindfulness, DRT is a proven effective therapy.

It Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters with Sandra Butler
The Love Doctor is in on October 27, 2017

As mothers and daughters age, their relationship shifts and changes in complex and often demanding ways. Dr. Terri talks with Sandra Butler, co-author of the book, "It Never Ends." In the book, women speak openly about the satisfactions and sorrows of mothering middle-aged daughters and discuss the issues that continue to surface, the ongoing effects of the past on the present, and the varied and often invisible ways they continue mothering. Sandra Butler and her co-author Nan Fink Gefen draw from their own experiences as mothers, as well as interviews with over 75 older moms to gather insight and information.

Navigating the Complicated New Landscape of Girls & Sex with Peggy Orenstein
The Love Doctor is in on October 20, 2017

Mothers and fathers of tomorrow's women have little idea what their daughters are up to sexually or how they feel about it. Dr. Terri talks with Peggy Orenstein, author of The New York Times best-selling book "Girls and Sex," about the new sexual landscape girls face, high school through college. Drawing on in-depth interviews with over seventy young women ages 15 - 20 as well as a wide range of experts, Orenstein paints a complex, sometimes disturbing, ultimately hopeful picture of today's young women when it comes to sex.

Helping Children Cope with Divorce with Dr. Natasha Kendal
The Love Doctor is in on October 13, 2017

Roughly half of American children will witness their parents' marriage end in divorce. And yet, only a third of these kids will show negative reactions and adverse outcomes in the areas of education, emotional disorders and behavioral problems. Dr. Terri talks with Dr. Natasha Kendal about what factors contribute to children's successful adjustment to divorce, and what factors contribute to anxiety, depression, learning problems, aggression and other issues.

Love is Like Wine, Better with Age with Michael Schafer
The Love Doctor is in on October 6, 2017

Your love for a person can grow over time and so can your appreciation for wine.

In addition, how to discover the right wine for you, your personality, and the situation is just like finding love with the right person. Dr. Terri talks with Michael Schafer, also known as "The Wine Counselor," about the many types of wines for different personalities, situations, moods, and food. Laugh, learn, and have fun as The Wine Counselor educates you about the similarities between relationships and wine.

Love and Money with Jason Thacker
The Love Doctor is in on September 29, 2017

When it comes to big life goals, most Americans point to two things: financial stability and a long-term relationship. While it seems" data-layout="button_count" data-action="like" data-size="small" data-show-faces="false" data-share="false"> -->

Do you find yourself rummaging through your closet trying to determine what to wear for that first date? A lot of people often feel unprepared, rushed or unsure about how to dress for success and make the best first date impression. Dr. Terri talks to Kimberly Seltzer, an image expert, dating coach, and matchmaker. She has helped hundreds of people find lasting love and connection using her unique "confidence makeover" process. Using an outside-in approach, Kim has changed hundreds of lives by changing their style, emotional and social intelligence using her signature formula, "The Charisma Quotient."

Learn How to F.L.Y. - First Love Yourself with Lisa Lieberman-Wang
The Love Doctor is in on September 15, 2017

Are you looking for a fulfilling relationship, happiness in your life, and inner peace?

It all starts with you. Learn to F.L.Y. - First Love Yourself and then the rest will follow. Dr. Terri talks to Lisa Lieberman-Wang, a relationship and emotional breakthrough expert, who developed FINE to FAB 25 years ago in order to fill a need in her own life. She will share the 7 Secrets to FAB and you'll discover how easy it is for you to change your habits and beliefs that you have been holding on to for years.

Parents Who Have Been Silenced with Michelle Darné
The Love Doctor is in on September 8, 2017

About 22 million parents battle parental alienation in the US alone. These parents are silenced by the law, compromised, and treated as the lesser parent. Yet, children need access to all of their loving parents and extended families. Dr. Terri talks to Michelle Darné, author of Parent Deleted, a heartbreaking story about how parents can be alienated from their children. It is a gripping tale of one non-biological, lesbian mother's fight for her children.

Tips to Turn Bad Bosses into Inspiring Leaders with Vicky Oliver
The Love Doctor is in on September 1, 2017

Alarming results show that more than two-thirds of American workers are not engaged in their jobs. A boss’s poor leadership skills directly impact employees' attitudes towards their work and their allegiance to an organization. Dr. Terri talks to Vicky Oliver, a leading career development expert and the multi-bestselling author of five career books, including Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots. Oliver shares tips and strategies on how to become the boss people would love to work for.

Practices to Emotionally Connect with Your Teen with Carolyn Hidalgo
The Love Doctor is in on August 25, 2017

As teenagers become independent, they begin to spend more time away from you, their parent. But they still need a strong relationship with you to feel safe and secure as they meet the challenges of adolescence and life. Dr. Terri talks to Carolyn Hidalgo, about practices to emotionally connect with your teens, so they will confide in you and bring up sensitive issues without any begging on your part. Carolyn is a certified life coach with a vision of living judgment-free, and her unique practices allow clients to overcome guilt or shame, find forgiveness, and navigate conflict for positive lasting relationships.

How and When to Break Up with Duana Welch
The Love Doctor is in on August 18, 2017

Whether you're questioning the relationship you're in, or sure it needs to end, today's program is for you. Dr. Terri talks to Dr. Duana Welch, author of Love Factually, a book that takes men and women through every stage of dating, from before they meet until they commit. Dr. Terri and Dr. Duana discuss the signs it's time to end a relationship, the mechanics of a breakup, and whether you can still be friends afterwards.

Do You Know Your Color Code? A New Way to See Yourself and Your Relationships with Jeremy Daniel
The Love Doctor is in on August 11, 2017

Life is all about relationships. But every relationship begins with YOU. Do you really understand why you think and behave as you do in relationships? Dr. Terri talks to Jeremy Daniel, Vice President of Training and the Lead Trainer for Color Code International, about the power of truly knowing yourself, what motivates you, and how you impact the relationships in your life. The Color Code is a revolutionary personality test, which assesses your general way of interacting with those around you. Once you learn about your "color code," you will be able to make sense and understand the relationships in your life.

Power Tips for Women in the Workplace with Marja Norris
The Love Doctor is in on August 4, 2017

Do you ever feel powerless in a business meeting simply because you're a woman? You walk in with confidence, but then you're not taken seriously by your male colleagues or are shut down by opposing comments or interruptions? Dr. Terri talks with career expert Marja Norris about how you, as a woman, can empower yourself in the workplace. Marja has successfully navigated the male-dominated business world and is passionate about coaching women on how to be taken seriously, be heard, and get what they want at work.

The Power of Body Language in Relationships with Lisa Mitchell
The Love Doctor is in on July 28, 2017

When you master the power of body language and other non-verbal cues, you can communicate with greater confidence and improve every relationship in your life. You also gain a deeper understanding of how people perceive you. Dr. Terri talks with certified body language trainer and communications expert Lisa Mitchell, "The People Reader," about how to decode the non-verbal messages that others are sending you AND how to use the power of body language to enrich your relationships.

How to Manage Transition and Change with Debra Orbuch Grayson
The Love Doctor is in on July 21, 2017

Dealing with change is definitely stressful. No matter what others have you believe, even in wonderful times like having a baby or getting a better job, change is about giving up what’s known and adjusting to the new. Dr. Terri talks with therapist Debra Orbuch Grayson (MS, LCMFT), about how to get better at coping with change and transition. Change isn't easy but there are ways to deal with it that can make it feel less scary and stressful.

Finding Love in Midlife and Beyond with Patricia Lorenz
The Love Doctor is in on July 14, 2017

Are you familiar with the phrase, "You're never too old to find Mr. (or Ms.) Right?" But is it actually true? Is it possible to meet the love of your life when you're in your 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond? Absolutely yes! Dr. Terri talks with Patricia Lorenz, who found her love in midlife, where she might otherwise not have looked. She also shares her personal, interesting, and funny stories that tell a lesson for all, in her new book, "57 Steps to Paradise: Finding Love in Midlife and Beyond."

How to Banish Negative Thoughts with Ora Nadrich
The Love Doctor is in on July 7, 2017

You think 60,000–70,000 thoughts a day, and sadly, it’s the negative ones you tend to hear the loudest. Negative thoughts damage your life and happiness: they create behaviors that railroad the best of intentions. Dr. Terri talks with Ora Nadrich, a certified life coach and mindfulness meditation teacher, who says that you simply can't lead a happy and fulfilled life if your inner dialogue is conflicted or causing you to suffer. She has created an incredibly easy to follow method to get rid of negative thoughts, taking away all their power over you. It will work for anyone and starts by realizing that you are in control over your own thoughts, and you get to decide who stays.

The Biology of Love With Dawn Maslar
The Love Doctor is in on June 30, 2017

What really happens in your brain when you fall in love? And when you're in love, what changes in your neurotransmitters cause you to feel obsessed or become "love blind" about your partner? Dr. Terri talks with Dawn Maslar (MS), author, speaker, adjunct biology professor and researcher in the science of love. For the past decade, she has been using her cutting-edge research to describe how the brain works when two people first meet, start to date, fall in love, and then move on to a more passionate, lifelong love. Her latest endeavor is called the Devotion Test, an instant saliva test that can show love and commitment in men. Most people love falling in love, but after this program, you might not look at falling in love the same way again.

Good Girls DO Flirt with Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore
The Love Doctor is in on June 23, 2017

When it comes to romance and dating, the rules and strategies have changed in the past decade. Professional matchmakers are experts in the field of helping people find love and have become a very successful way to meet someone who is compatible. Dr. Terri talks with Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore, The Matchmaking DUO, who believe that countless women and men are facing the dilemma of their education and careers taking off, but their personal life has left them lonely and unfulfilled. They argue that discovering long-term love is an intentional and hands-on undertaking.

The Matchmaking DUO are Certified Life/Relationship Coaches, Certified Matchmakers, national speakers, and authors of the critically acclaimed book, “Relationship DUOvers.” Together, they own Fisher Gilmore Matchmaking (FGM), Inc., an agency which specializes in helping women of power balance their career, personal, and love life by teaching how to effectively blend all three.

How to Find Your Plus One Online with Michelle G
The Love Doctor is in on June 16, 2017

Studies show that more than forty million Americans are turning to the internet to find love. About half of all people who meet online go out on a face-to-face date, and about 20% of online daters have turned online dates into a long-term relationship or marriage. Dr. Terri talks with Michelle G. about strategies to be successful at online dating and techniques to go from online to offline dating. Michelle is a certified dating and relationship specialist, author, speaker, and CEO of MG International, a digital matchmaking service that uses the power of online dating to help people find meaningful and long lasting relationships. She is also the author of the book Relationship SOS: Seven Lifelines to Rescue Your Emotional Intimacy Now.

How to Distinguish Lust from Love
The Love Doctor is in on June 9, 2017

Most of us have experienced that crazy, out of control feeling at the beginning of a new romance. You know – your heart races, you feel a rush of excitement, and you can’t get anything done because you’re constantly thinking about the other person. But ask anyone to label that urgent longing and yearning, and you’ll get as many different responses as you will people. In this program, Dr. Terri discusses the many complexities to love and how you know whether the passion and butterflies in your stomach are signs of romantic love or simply lust. Also, she'll share some science-based strategies to reignite that lustful desire in a long-term relationship.

Preventing Depression, Addiction and Suicide in Teens and Young Adults with Sandy Fowler
The Love Doctor is in on June 2, 2017

According to statistics in the US, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among youth ages 10 - 24. In a culture where there is a growing crisis of teen depression, addiction, and suicide, how can parents, schools, and community organizations get in front of the problem and save lives? Dr. Terri talks with Sandy Fowler, co-founder of DASIUM, an organization of people helping individuals, parents, and schools wake up to, and face the challenges of teen and young adult depression, addiction, and suicide. At DASIUM, they're passionate about sharing the unspoken truth and believe that the combination of being proactive in teaching healthy coping strategies, early intervention and getting quality care for kids in crisis is the answer.

Discover Who You Are in Love with Fiachra “Figs” O’Sullivan
The Love Doctor is in on May 26, 2017

If you want to go the distance with your partner or learn why your previous relationships have failed, you need to understand who you are “in love.” Dr. Terri talks with Fiachra “Figs” O’Sullivan, a licensed marriage and family therapist, who believes that you can rewire your brain to love differently (better!), to achieve healthier and more satisfying relationships. Figs helps couples learn why they act the way they do in love and conflict, and how to get out of conflict by being vulnerable and open with each other. He also developed an online program to help you feel more connected in your relationship, stop fighting, start growing, and keep loving.

How to Embrace the Power of You with Lisa Jesswein
The Love Doctor is in on May 19, 2017

Staying positive in a negative world is a challenge, but one that Lisa Jesswein has faced countless times as a two-time kidney transplant recipient, cancer survivor, divorcee and intuitive reader. Lisa has been an inspirational speaker since the age of 14 when she was asked by medical staff to speak on organ donation at the state capitol. Dr. Terri talks with Lisa Jesswein about her dating experiences, how to overcome fears and navigate setbacks, and how to embrace the “power of you!”


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