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Dr. Terri Orbuch, The Love Doctor® knows what keeps people up at night, having listened to the questions and problems of thousands of people over the past three decades. Her smart, compassionate approach to relationships is a welcome prescription for all matters of the heart.

Dr. Orbuch is a gifted communicator who can talk to audiences on any relationship topic, including:

  • Top myths regarding love and relationships
  • Top places to meet that someone special
  • First date etiquette
  • Elder dating: Find out why the graying set has different rules for dating
  • How to turn conflict into constructive dialog
  • How to communicate with your partner
  • Common communication conflicts with your kids
  • How to deal with loneliness and relationship shyness
  • The finance of romance: Advice for juggling money and love
  • Trust: How to build it, keep it, and regain it
  • Reigniting the passion in marriage
  • The in-law dilemma
  • Health benefits of intimacy
  • What keeps relationships together in the long run
  • Top reasons why marriages end in divorce
  • Can men and women be just friends?
  • Tips for dating online successfully
  • How to be a better grandparent
  • How to be a good partner
  • Why powerful men cheat
  • Strategies to improve the customer/employee relationship